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Welcome to the Putnam Presbyterian Church, located in the historic Putnam district of Zanesville, Ohio. We are a small and caring congregation that takes great pride in our history. The Putnam church was started in 1835 with 36 people and has been one continual congregation to the present day. Currently, Putnam Presbyterian is not just a local community church. We have members from all parts of the city. If you are looking for a church home where you can journey with Jesus today and into the future, touch the lives of others in the city of Zanesville and around the world, come join us.

The Windows

The church has nine memorial windows. Six of the nine are dedicated to members of the Guthrie, Buckingham, and Sturges families, all of which were intimately connected with the founding of the church. A seventh window is a memorial to Levi Whipple. The remaining two are in memory of Hudson Ward and Abraham Emery, both subsequent elders.

Standing at the pulpit, the first window on the left is in memory of Ebenezer Eunice Hale Buckingham, the next to A. A. Guthrie, the next to Levi Whipple, the fourth to Hudson Ward, and the fifth to Abraham Emery. On the right, the first window honors Julius C. and Pamelia Guthrie, the second Alvah and Ann Hale Buckingham, the third Hugh J. and Sara (Guthrie) Jewett, and the fourth window honors Solomon and Lucy Hale Sturges.

Words of Encouragement from Pastor Herb

Photography by Kurt Dreier
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